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  1. Name: The unique identifier of the report.
  2. Report Type: The statistic that the report measures (percent change in users, percent change in activity volume, or total activity volume).
  3. Frequency: How frequently the report is run.
  4. Severity: The level of severity of the Alert (Info/Neutral/Success/Warning/Danger)
  5. Minimum: The minimum percentage or absolute number to trigger the alert
  6. Maximum: The maximum percentage or absolute number to trigger the alert.
  7. Parameters: Additional options for narrowing down the scope of the report; for example, activity volume reports allow specifying an application, attribute, and/or an event type.

Create and Export

![Add](../assets/images/add.png "Add") Add a new Report
![create_report](../assets/images/create_report.png "Create Report")
![export](../assets/images/export.png "Export") Export information on existing tags
  1. Actions: Actions that you can take on a report.

    edit Edit the properties of a report: edit_report delete Delete the report: delete_regulation