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Vizivault Enterprise allows organizations to visualize, manage, and share personal information.


Vizivault Enterprise gives your organization a window into the personal information you already have, how it is being used, and what risks are associated with it. It shows you what personal information you have shared within and external to your organization. You can show the quantity of information that is not properly secured.

  • Dashboard gives you an overview of the security of your information with a focus on immediate security concerns and overall information health.
  • Discover allows you to examine your data more closely, viewing trends over time, geographical distribution by country, and other statistics.
  • Reports creates custom reports tailored to your organization's needs, which will alert you to anomalous usage of your stored data.


Vizivault Enterprise can also let you control and manage your organization's personal information. You can define attributes to specify what kinds of data you store, and regulations that control how data is used.

  • Tags Create tags that can mark and categorize attributes, data subjects, or individual points of data.
  • Attributes Create the fundamental data types that your organization needs to store and define how they are handled.
  • Regulations Create rules to manage personal information across your organization.
  • Applications Define which programs have access to which attributes.