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The ViziVault Platform is the first all-in-one PrivSec (privacy/security) solution on the market today, providing privacy as a service for your organization's data. We aim to provide rich applications to visualize and contextualize the usage of sensitive information as it moves through your systems, and empower developers to easily control access to it.

With the platform you can:

  • Upload sensitive data and create a thorough inventory of it
  • Encrypt your data, ensuring maximum protection in our secure vault system
  • Enable reporting on private data within your organization or make it available to other organizations in tightly-controlled ways

ViziVault Platform Overview

Our platform and suite of connectors and tools makes it easy for you to transfer sensitive data from various sources into our secure storage protected by state-of-the-art encryption using our ViziVault API.

The Platform

ViziVault API

The ViziVault API enables you to store, retrieve, and manage personal and sensitive information in a safe and secure manner.

The multi-layer cryptographic system will allow you to manage access to end users' personal information. You can control what people and applications from your organization have access to what kinds of data and what they are allowed to do with it. You can also securely transmit a end-user's personal data, in whole or in part, keeping the use of personal information tied to your company's workflows and business goals.

This is meant to provide users with the greatest flexibility on the security of their data. You have the capability to maximize your usage of sensitive data you have collected without risking any unnecessary exposure. We give you the maximum flexibility and capability to meet or exceed regulatory requirements on the use of personal data.

ViziVault API

Visit the API Reference to learn more about the available endpoints.

ViziVault Enterprise

ViziVault Enterprise is a management platform for the personal information stored using the ViziVault API for a company’s users, showing the accessibility and composition of governed data and allowing you to control associated metadata and permissions. Here, companies can take action to reduce data privacy risks and monitor potential problems in real-time.

ViziVault Enterprise

Deployment Models

The ViziVault Platform aims to eliminate any risk of malicious intrusions by enforcing encryption for data in transit and in persistence. It is carefully designed to eliminate the threat of your organization's data being leaked publicly.

Your data is hidden even from our organization; we do not store your decryption key and have no way of reading your sensitive information.

Even despite these precautions, we completely understand that your policies might require a solution even more secure than sending data to our platform. Therefore, we offer the alternative option of hosting our lightweight API on your own infrastructure to ensure that sensitive data never leaves your network.


Our On-Premise option places our Vault API on your hardware, behind your firewall, for added security. This ensures that it is impossible for any unencrypted data to be read by an external party, including us.

Our architecture is container-ready and can be deployed to fit your needs with all security best-practices baked in.

By sending metadata back to our platform, you maintain rich insights and powerful control to enable your users and customers to take control of their data with full transparency.

Anontech On-Premise


We also offer a full software-as-a-service solution that is managed by AnonTech in the cloud. This option is the most convenient if hosting our API in your infrastructure adds too much complexity or overhead.

Hosting in the cloud enables your vaults to dynamically scale to meet your demand and rapidly configure platform features at the click of a button.

In this way, you can be sure that you will only pay for infrastructure and features that you need.

We strongly enforce internal policies built around your data security at the core, ensuring that no third parties will have access to your data.

Anontech Hosted

Our deployment models can fit your company's needs without sacrificing the features unlocked by using the ViziVault Platform.

Global Availability

With the ever-growing demand for increased data regulation, we are designed with compliance at the core and offer our services globally at the click of a button to meet the regulations of today and tomorrow. Global Vaults

Creating new vaults for your orgnization's data has never been easier with ViziVault Enterprise.

Whether you are provisioning for compliance, performance, or availability, we have the tools to meet your needs.

Complete Access Control

Easily grant access to trusted applications to limit the scope of who and what can query your data using ViziVault Enterprise.

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