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Getting Started


Check out the Overview to learn more about how the platform can be used in your organization

The ViziVault Platform is convenient and easy to set up, allowing you to begin securing your sensitive information as soon as possible.

Obtaining a Vault

We provide you with all the tools you need to take control of your data today. Whether you are a startup or a large-scale enterprise, we have you covered.

To begin using our platform, click the button below to request your own vault.

Request a Vault


To familiarize yourself with the various concepts used across the system and the data formats that are used to represent them, check out our our Glossary.



To streamline the process of integrating our API into your software, we have created officially-supported client libraries in a variety of languages. This provides a convenient layer of abstraction around the process of authenticating and performing HTTP requests.

Tools and Libraries


Our quickstart guide explains how to get started importing your own data using our SDK libraries, to start loading and securing your own end-user personal data. It describes how to use our systems to search and retrieve data while maintaining security and privacy.


Using the Platform

Do you have an active vault that you are ready to start utilizing?

You can find numerous tutorials and guides in our documentation to help get started with the ViziVault Platform.

These tutorials are designed to help you unlock the most control and valuable insights over your organization's data.